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Welcome back! took a hard left turn off the road late last year when a series of email expiration-alert notices from my domain host and server wound up in my SPAM file — and I lost the site, posts and all. GoDaddy wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars for them to hit the switch and restore it, I refused on principle (being dead broke), and moved the domain name to a different server.

Where it has languished. Until now! Two bits of good news:

(1) I have been posting about the Doom Bar Detective at and there have been some fun and important guest posts there as well; and

(2) The fourth book title has been released, Lethal White, which, Rowling has told us (because she has a superstition about never typing the title page of a book until she’s finished it) means the book is being edited (ho!) and printed.

The Return of Charlotte Campbell-Ross?

Look for an October release – and for a lot of great speculation here in coming months about what Lethal White, the fourth book in the seven book series, i.e., it’s Goblet of Fire-esque turning point, will involve. The ‘Top Five’ near sureties:

  • The Return of Charlotte Campbell-Ross (with a Vengeance)
  • Meeting Jonny Rokeby (in the Little Hangleton Graveyard)
  • The Break-Up of Robin and Matt’s Marriage (well, one can hope…)
  • London Olympics 2012 moments a la the Quidditch World Cup — AND
  • A Heroin Overdose Murder mystery tied to Leda Strike’s Death and/or Afghanistan.
For Robin? Or Cormoran?

Not enough? Well, we can hope that we’ll also learn in White:

  • who sent the 50 roses to Cormoran Strike’s office late in Career of Evil, 
  • whether the “poisoned skeleton” lost memory of Strike’s in Silkworm (p 242) was more than just a pointer to that book’s murderer (see p 228), i.e., a clue to the Afghanistan explosion or to his mother’s demise,
  • the Castor and Pollux mythological re-invention that Rowling seems to be working (not to mention her parody-tribute to Virgil’s Aeneid with a less fatalistic spin), and
  • the relationship of Rokeby and Jeff Whittaker, Cormoran’s step-father and the man he and Shanker believe killed Leda.
  • And the black policewoman assisting Wordle in Career, a character whom Rowling has said will have a much larger role beginning in Book 4.
Is Cormoran a 21st Century Aeneas?

I’ve posted the links to all the relevant posts below.

For those of you who are not only Cormoran Strike re-readers but serious fans of Rowling’s Harry Potter novels (which the Strike mysteries are to various degrees commentaries on), please note that I’m doing VLOGs at and will be teaching free online classes there beginning next month, a ‘PotterPundits Summer School.’

If you want to receive updates and the weekly VLOG, download the free pdf the whirling pop-up at HogwartsProfessor asks you to or just go to and sign up. There’s a video below about that below, too, with the answers to ‘Why?’ and ‘So what?’ I hope you’ll join us there.

Welcome back to Cormoran’s Army! Let me know what you think in the comment boxes below —



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